Install a DDA access lift

A DDA access lift helps comply with the legislation set by the Equality Act 2010, previously the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and enables building owners to ensure their facility is inclusive and usable by all.

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Benefits of DDA lifts



All of our wheelchair platform lifts will help you to comply with the Equality Act and Part M, and meet the latest industry standards for manufacture and installation.


Cost effective

With a wide range of platform lift products that cover all potential requirements, we can offer solutions for any situation, especially where a full passenger lift is not a viable option.



Our platform lift ranges all use highly efficient  electric motors, keeping running costs low and ensuring high energy efficiency standards for your buildings.

Our DDA lift products

We have a range of indoor and outdoor DDA lift dimensions, all suitable for providing disabled access for wheelchair users or other people living with a disability regardless of the architectural style or type of building.

What our customers say

We specified the Stannah Midilift platform lift because it combines cost-efficiency with performance, after-sales support and the reassurance of an established name in the lift industry. 

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Here at Stannah, we understand that lift maintenance is essential to ensure it runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on making this process as painless as possible for our customers, with helpful and clear answers to the key questions shown below.

What is a platform lift?

In simple terms, platform lifts make it easier for wheelchair users or those with physical disabilities to reach different floors or height levels more easily. A platform lift is most often seen being used as a wheelchair lift for buildings or offices, but also where a passenger lift is not possible or required. Typically, the vertical lifts can either be open platform lifts or enclosed (with or without a cabin), or as an incline platform lift that follows a flight of stairs.

What speed is a platform lift?

As platform vertical lifts in the UK fall under the Machinery Directive, they can only travel up to 0.15m/s. Inclined wheelchair lifts are typically slower.

What is a platform lift also known as?

Platform lifts in the UK go by all sorts of names, including access lifts, DDA lifts and disabled lifts to name a few.

How much does a wheelchair platform lift cost in the UK?

Fully installed, the cost of a platform lift (or DDA lift) will vary based upon the product chosen but will typically cost between £11,000 and £30,000. This is also dependent on lift travel, finishes and functional options chosen. All platform lifts require building work in addition to the supply and installation cost of the lift.

What are standard disabled platform lift dimensions?

To meet disabled access lift requirements of public buildings and commercial applications, Part M and Section 4.2 state the minimum platform lift sizes to help comply with the provision for wheelchair access. You can read more about the standards here. For domestic applications you can have a small platform lift size (providing it still meets your requirement).

Do I need a DDA compliant platform lift?

No, not all buildings need a DDA lift. However, the Equality Act means a DDA platform lift is necessary if it is difficult or impossible for a disabled person to use the facilities or services of a building. So most commercial and public buildings install a DDA lift to make their premises more accessible to everyone.

What is the platform lift maximum height?

We do not recommend travel over 12m or 5 stops due to the speed and length of time it would take a user to travel. For travels higher than this, specific lift features, or for high-use applications, we’d always recommend a passenger lift as the first choice.

What's the lead time on a platform lift?

The lead time from order to installation of a vertical platform lift depends on the type of lift you choose so it's best to engage with us as early as possible for your project. Once the site is ready the fitting process usually takes between 2 and 5 days, depending on the product.